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Sunday Programs:
6-8am Compas sur FM
Hosted by: Emmnuel Rene
The show's goal is to present Compas Music to WMBR's audience.
Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 6:00 am  
Sun May 15 6:00 am  
8-10am Haiti Focus
Hosted by: Jacques-Antoine Jean and Carline Desire
Dedicated to the Haitian community, featuring community information, interviews, reports on issues related to women, immigration law, health care, education, politics, development, & the current situation in Haiti and the diaspora. Lastly, a little music.

Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 8:00 am  
Sun May 15 8:00 am  
Alternates Weekly
Radio with a View
Hosted by: Marc Stern
Economic democracy, human rights, and other idealistic visions of the world with music to get your mind and body in sync. Visit https://www.mixcloud.com/radiowithaview for podcasts of this show.
Upcoming shows: Jun 5, Jun 19
Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 10:00 am Playlist
Alternates Weekly
Terms and Conditions
Hosted by: The Central Cogitator aka Dave Goodman
The Central Cogitator states that your use of this radio show is for personal and non-commercial use only. To the extent permitted by law we do not accept responsibility for any aggravation and/or enlightenment resulting from listening to this program.
Upcoming shows: May 29, Jun 12
Listen to past shows: Sun May 15 10:00 am Playlist
11am-Noon Mark & Evelyn's American Top 41
Hosted by: Mark & Evelyn
The No.1 countdown show in the nation and the second best on WMBR. Mark & Evelyn's American Top 41 features a whole host of entertaining characters, short distance dedications, the two best radio personalities in the business, and weather on the threes.
Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 11:00 am Playlist
Sun May 15 11:00 am Playlist
Noon-2pm Subject to Change
Hosted by: Patrick Bryant
Subject to Change plays the same song(s) again and again and again and again and again. And again. Warning: show may contain Andy Williams.
Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 12:00 pm Playlist
Sun May 15 12:00 pm Playlist
Alternates Weekly
Treaty of Tordesillas
Hosted by: Amy Battisti-Ashé & Mercado
Latin rhythms from across the Americas. Lyrics in Spanish and Portuguese, plus cuicas, guiros, marimbas, berimbaus, agogos, cajón, batá--basically enough percussion to make a drum kit look weak.
Upcoming shows: Jun 5, Jun 19
Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 2:00 pm  
Alternates Weekly
Six Degrees
Hosted by: Joy
Six Degrees (based on the idea of “six degrees of separation”) explores the connections between seemingly dissimilar artists. Tune in to hear answers to ~tough~ questions like: is J. Biebz linked to Duke Ellington? We definitely want to know that.
Upcoming shows: May 29, Jun 12
none available
4-6pm Africa Kabisa
Hosted by: Nan Tian, Brutus Leaderson
Africa Absolutely! Since 1992, Boston's African music radio show. Classic and contemporary African and Afro-Caribbean music. Soukous, rumba, zouk, kompa, makossa, mbalax, and more. Alternates weekly with World Beat.

Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 4:00 pm  
Sun May 15 4:00 pm  
6-8pm A Program of Jazz
Hosted by: Charlie Kohlhase/ Fred Allen/ Jon Pollack
Jazz from across the decades with a weekly dose of Charles Mingus in honor of his Centennial this year.
Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 6:00 pm Playlist
Sun May 15 6:00 pm Playlist
8-9pm Nebulosity
Hosted by: Ben Bray
A weekly trajectory through the Wayoutosphere, composed of jazz, exp. rock, ambient and environmental recordings, and inspired by the Earth's oceans. Depart from a techno club in Norway, make a connection in Tokyo, and land at a jazz café in Australia.

Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 8:00 pm Playlist
Sun May 15 8:00 pm Playlist
9-10pm Shape-Shift & Trick
Hosted by: Hannah
Get the week started right by hitting that musical sweet spot of alternative, indie rock, and pop hits.
Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 9:00 pm  
10pm-Midnight For Your Pleasure
Hosted by: Re Antoine
37 years, BEST R&B Ballads, Jazz, Inspiring Information places you in a sensual mind set; a eargasmic ride. Email your dedications to fyp.wmbr@gmail. The purrfect Sunday night; dim lights, libation; enjoy love's vibes..."For Your Pleasure"!!!

Listen to past shows: Sun May 22 10:00 pm Playlist
Sun May 15 10:00 pm Playlist
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