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Saturday Programs:
6-8am 88 Rewound
Hosted by: Alex or Keith
Each week 88 Rewound recreates a radio station survey or countdown from somewhere in the US or beyond, playing the hits (and misses) as they appeared back in the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's
Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 25 6:00 am Playlist
Sat Sep 18 6:00 am Playlist
8-10am FM Road
Hosted by: Paige the Mage
Long haul truckers, back road drivers and yes, you back seat drivers - unite for 2 hours every Saturday morning for the latest and greatest in roots-oriented Americana music.
Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 25 8:00 am  
Sat Sep 18 8:00 am Playlist
10am-Noon Backwoods
Hosted by: John Funke
The best in vintage rock ’n’ roll, country and western, and rhythm ’n’ blues. More songs about Cadillacs and chickens.

Twitter Feed: @johnthefunke
Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 25 10:00 am Playlist
Sat Sep 18 10:00 am Playlist
Noon-1pm Bass Case
Hosted by: Julia Fiksinski
Proving you can like music from any n genres (where n is a natural number).

Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 18 12:00 pm  
1-2pm The Paradox Box
Hosted by: Allison + The Smooth Sailing Crew
Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll is what you need.
Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 18 1:00 pm  
2-4pm King Ghidorah
Hosted by: Jeff, Keith, MaGoGo, Marianna, Mully, and Will
The mighty King Ghidorah fills your ears with quarantunes via remote recording setups across the negaverse. A Creature Double Feature in triplicate, our rotating cast of DJs spin tracks of varying gravitational intensity but they're always magnetic.
Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 18 2:00 pm Playlist
4-6pm Aural Fixation
Hosted by: Sue
From the paisley underground, dark attics, and the edge of space - you'll hear fuzzed out guitars, heavy psych, drone, garage, & poppy punk from 50+ years ago to the latest releases.

Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 18 4:00 pm Playlist
6-8pm James Dean Death Car Experience
Hosted by: Lisa Death Car
You wake up and find yourself somewhat older and tired. Do you a)take a shower, b)go for the coffee, c)go back to bed, d)accept the inevitable and keep yourself up long enough to hear the pop sounds of the Death Car?

Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 18 6:00 pm Playlist
Sat Sep 11 6:00 pm Playlist
8-9pm Backpacks and Magazines
Hosted by: Heather D.
Post punk, industrial, synthpop, darkwave, coldwave, hard techno, and more. Dance with me to the sound of sirens.

Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 18 8:00 pm  
Sat Sep 11 8:00 pm  
Alternates Weekly
Calling the Cranes
Hosted by: Lex I
A crane calling in the shade. Its young answers it. I have a good goblet. I will share it with you. - Hex 61/2: The I Ching

Upcoming shows: Sep 25, Oct 9, Oct 23
Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 18 9:00 pm Playlist
Alternates Weekly
Inches from the Abyss—A Charcuterie Board of Music
Hosted by: Heather D. and Lex I.
Rotating DJ's Heather D. and Lex I. bring you an every-changing hour of electronic sounds and hard beats.
Upcoming shows: Oct 2, Oct 16
Alternates Weekly
The Intergalactic Witching Hour with Crood >Boi> and Lorinda
Hosted by: David and Daniel
Unaware of reality’s paper-thin walls? Become acquainted with a transcendental and planetary group. View the transmittal of information from place to place. Music that skirts the edges of, but does not tear, those paper-thin walls. 
Upcoming shows: Sep 25, Oct 9, Oct 23
none available
Alternates Weekly
Groups, Rings and Things
Hosted by: ella berrey
Grouped playlists with small connections. A focus on surf rock and punk noise with some psychedelic overtones and alt rock influences.
Upcoming shows: Oct 2, Oct 16
Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 18 10:00 pm  
Alternates Weekly
FrekENS 88.1
Hosted by: Saghrouni and Dunitz
French and MIT students discuss campus and world issues in French and English. Les murs de la réalité, minces comme du papier parce que non fabriqués en France, seront pris comme la Bastille par une mobilisation populaire de la chanson française.
Upcoming shows: Sep 25, Oct 9, Oct 23
Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 18 11:00 pm  
Alternates Weekly
Late Night Jazz
Hosted by: Max Dunitz
"Light is the basic nutrient of all life."-WSSA Upgrade your membership: Join the largest database of health-conscious, eco-minded, and spiritual singles. Send free "Hellos" via pre-written messages. Music by which to fortify reality's paper-thin walls.
Upcoming shows: Oct 2, Oct 16
Listen to past shows: Sat Sep 11 11:00 pm Playlist
Midnight-2am The Lethal List
Hosted by: Arlesa Hubbard
Putting you on to some of the best genre-bending/defining Afro, R&B, and electronic grooves, sprinkled with hints of jazz, future funk and soul.
Listen to past shows: Sun Sep 19 12:00 am  
Sun Sep 12 12:00 am  
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