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Monthly Rock Report for January 2023
1 Civic Taken By Force ATO
2 Deathtrippers Passion & Fire Dead Wax
3 The C.I.A. Surgery Channel In The Red
4 The Circulators The Circulators Willowhouse
5 Eh Mertxe! Lo Sabe Bien FOLC
6 Les Big Byrd Eternal Light Brigade Chimp Limbs
7 Sloptart Full of Juice -
8 gladie Don't Know What You're In Until You're Out Plum
9 The Mudd Club Give Me A Thrill SMC
10 Yo La Tengo Stupid World Matador
11 Bass Drum of Death Say I Won't Fat Possum
12 Trillion So Soon Now -
13 Black Sky Giant Primigenian -
14 Various Southeast of Saturn Volume 2 Third Man
15 Gaffer Dead End Beat Drunken Sailor
16 Various To Illustrate Wisdom Teeth
18 Gut Health Electric Party Chrome Girl Marthouse
19 Delivery Forever Giving Handshakes Feel It
20 Bad Decisions subnormal Voodoo Rhythm
21 Tee Vee Repairmann What's On TV Total Punk
22 The Routes Lead Lined Clouds Soundflat
23 The Holydrug Couple Pan Diggers Factory
24 Shredd A Place Unknown -
25 Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan Districts Roads Open Space Castles In Space
26 Las Robertas Love Is The Answer Kanine
27 Haleiwa Hallway Waverider Morr Music
28 Cloud Management Cloud Management Altin Village & Mine
29 Purling Hiss Drag on Girard Drag City
30 The Darts Snake Oil Alternative Tentacles
31 Gina Birch I Play My Bass Loud Third Man
32 Throw Down Bones Three Fuzz Club
33 Avey Tare 7s Domino
34 Spitting Image Full Sun Slovenly
35 The Drin Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom Drunken Sailor
36 Various Flennen No. 14 Flennen
37 Civil Rats Your Dumbest Friends -
38 Beauty Pill Blue Period Ernest Jenning
39 Bad Affair We Are Doomed No Spirit
40 Chimers generator / tooth -
41 Guillotine Fin d'Série ! Dialektik
42 Teeth Trauma Flippin' Freaks
43 This Immortal Coil The World Ended A Long Time Ago Ici d'ailleurs
44 Displeasure Vortex of Shit Unsanitary Napkin
45 SLIFT Unseen / The Real Unseen Sub Pop
46 Secret Postcards Never Dreaming / Sweet Melody Make Me Happy / Fastcut
47 Aktopasa Journey To The Pink Planet Argonauta
48 White Lung Premonition Domino
49 Can Kicker Can Kicker Drunken Sailor
50 SPOOL (image for) drawing on canvas -

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