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Monthly Rock Report for June 2005
1 Soviettes LP III Fat Wreck
2 Sleater-Kinney The Woods Sub Pop
3 Buff Medways Medway Wheelers Damaged Goods
4 Wire The Scottish Play:2004 Pinkflag
5 Deerhoof Green Cosmos Menlo Park
6 Gang of 4 Entertainment! Rhino
7 Federation X Rally Day Estrus
8 Human Eye Human Eye In the Red
9 Epoxies Stop The Future Fat Wreck
10 Davie Allan & the Arrows Blues Theme Sundazed
11 Four Tet Everything's Ecstatic Domino
12 Auto Interiors Let's Agree
13 Manual Azure Vista Darla
14 Need New Body Where's Black Ben? 5 Rue Christine
15 Oneida Wedding Jagjaguwar
16 Lali Puna I Thought I Was Over That Morr
17 Thunderbirds are Now! Just a Moustache French Kiss
18 Tsar Band*Girls*Money TVT
19 Gimmies Phonic Souls Dionysus
20 Les Breastfeeders Live @ WMBR -
21 Black Sunday Tronic Blanche Dirtnap
22 Mae Shi Heartbeeps 5RC
23 High Tension Wires Send a Message Dirtnap
24 Caribou The Milk Of Human Kindness Domino
25 Marissa Nadler Saga of Mayflower May Eclipse
26 Charms Pussycat Red Car
27 400 Blows Angel's Trumpets and Devil's Trombones GSL
28 Blood Farmers Permanent Brain Damage Primate
29 Count Me Outs Count Me Outs -
30 Bardo Pond Cypher Documents I Lobed
31 Nobody And Everything Else Plug Research
32 Esmerine Aurora Madrona
33 Melvins Mangled Demos Ipecac
34 Bloody Tears Downhanded Liquorice Tree
35 Various N?o Wave Mon
36 "Akayama, Mitchell" Small Explosions That Are Yours To Keep Subrosa
37 Boy In Static Newborn Alien Transistor
38 Maximo Park A Certain Trigger Warp
39 Kraftwerk Minimum/Maximum Astralwerks
40 Demon's Claws Demon's Claws Dead Canary
41 Mazarin We're Already There I And Ear
42 Pernice Brothers Discover A Lovelier You Ashmont
43 Melt Banana 13 Hedgehogs A-Zap
44 "Malkmus, Stephen" Face the Truth Matador
45 Plainsong Plainsong Water
46 Dead 60's Dead 60's Epic
47 Negativland No Business Seeland
48 Isolee We Are Monster Playhouse
49 Chaz & The Motorbikes Skunk On The Loose Tin Whistle
50 Aluminum Knot Eye Trunk Lunker Trick Knee

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