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Monthly Rock Report for August 2003
1 Consonant Love & Affliction Fenway
2 Guided By Voices Earthquake Glue Matador
3 Undertones Thrill Me/I'll Carry This Light -
4 Various Fuzz Flakes and Shakes Vol 6: Come on In To My World Bacchus
5 Soviet We Are Eyes We Are Builders Head
6 Broadcast Ha Ha Sound Warp
7 Various Down in the Basement Oldhat
8 Linda Perhacs Parallelograms Wild Places
9 Sell Outs "Songs for a Knife Fight 10""" Ken Rock
10 Sprites Starling Spiders Tigers and Sprites March
11 Bronx The Bronx White Drugs
12 Holly Golightly Truly There Is None Other Damaged Goods
13 Liars We No Longer Knew Who We Were Hand Held Heart/Sound Virus
14 Woggles Ragged But Right Telstar
15 Faux Faux Tarantulas
16 Preachers Kids Wild Emotions Get Hip
17 Various Cock N Roll Sleazegrinder
18 Husbands Introducing Swami
19 Various Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music: Second A Chronology Sub Rosa
20 Orphans Chinatown 7 KaPow!
21 "Ely, Joe" Streets of Sin Rounder
22 Methadones Career Objective Thick
23 Viva Voce Lovers Lead the Way! Asthmatic Kitty
24 Sciflyer Fair Weather Karma Clairecords
25 Canoe! I Give You Amazing Grease
26 Ex Disturbing Domestic Peace Ex
27 Carlsonics Carlsonics Arena Rock
28 Magic Band Back to the Front ATP
29 Various No One Left to Blame: 20 American Punk Unknowns Boot
30 Various Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Harkit
31 Bardo Pond On the Eclipse ATPR
32 Stomachmouths Born Losers Subliminal Sounds
33 Blowtops "Tomorrows Setting Sun 7""" Goodbye Boozy
34 Various Velvet Tinmine: 20 Junk Shop Glam Rockers RPM
35 Various N.Y. No Wave ZE
36 Von Zippers The Crime is Now! Estrus
37 Charming Snakes "See You In The Alps 7""" Pirate Craft
38 Josef K Young and Stupid LTM
39 Fields of Gaffney There Is Gold In These Hills s/r
40 Various Welcome Home Punk Amp
41 Various It Came From . . . Uranus Pro-Vel
42 Limited Teenage Noise Orgasm Sea Sex and Burn Emmanuel Hubaut
43 Grip Weeds The Sound Is In You Rainbow Quartz
44 Dirty Water Dirty Water Street Anthem
45 F?xa Supercharged Rocket Girl
46 Beulah Yoko Velocette
47 David Byrne Lead Us Not Into Temptation Thrill Jockey
48 Landing Passages Through K
49 Moon w/o Earth and the Moon Rev-o-la
50 Barmitzvah Brothers The Night of the Party Robospian

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