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Monthly Rock Report for September 2002
1 Low Trust Kranky
2 Unbunny Black Strawberries Two Ton Santa
3 Mekons Oooh! (Out of Our Heads) Quarterstick
4 Sahara Hotnights Jennie Bomb Jetset
5 Mr. Airplane Man Moanin' Sympathy For the Record Industry
6 Apples in Stereo Velocity in Stereo Spinart
7 Dents Dents Dents
8 Sleater-Kinney One Beat Kill Rock Stars
9 Wire Read & Burn 01 pinkflag
10 Wire Read & Burn 02 pinkflag
11 Sing-Sing The Joy of Sing-Sing Manifesto
12 Interpol Turn On The Bright Lights Matador
13 Ladytron Light & Magic Emperor Norton
14 Lovers Star Lit Sunken Ship Orange Twin
15 Bangs Call and Response Kill Rock Stars
16 Microphones The Microphones K
17 Drums and Tuba Mostly Ape Righteous Babe
18 My Indole Ring My Indole Ring Normal
19 Brett Rosenberg Problem Destroyer Hi-Fi
20 Action Rolled Gold Reaction
21 SFT A CD & DVD 50.21 Twenty Pieces of Music Film & Silence Mute
22 Various Little Darla Has a Treat #19 Darla
23 Buff Medways Steady the Buffs Troscopic
24 Future Bible Heroes Eternal Youth Instinct
25 Hot Water Music Caution Epitaph
26 Idaho We Were Young and Needed the Money Retrophonic
27 Kicker fivefortyfives track&field
28 Tussle The Sound Is Tussle eureka7@earthlink.net
29 Darren Hanlon Hello Stranger Drive-In
30 Great Lakes The Distance Between Orange Twin
31 Bugskull & The Big White Clou Split ep Scratch
32 Cheater Slicks Yer Last Record In the Red
33 Cynthia Dall Sound Restores Young Men Drag City
34 Pattern Real Feelness Lookout!
35 Mercury Program A Data Learn the Language Tigerstyle
36 Deerhoof Reveille Kill Rock Stars
37 Bigger Lovers Honey In The Hive Yep Roc
38 Rotten Apples Real-Tuff (Durable Plastic) Empty
39 Duraluxe The Suitcase Hidden Agenda
40 Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Warner Bros.
41 User Symphony #2 For Dot Matrix Printers Asphodel
42 Datson Four In See! Off the Hip
43 Damnations Where It Lands Joy-Ride
44 Punk Monkees Virtual Track Recordings -
45 Yohimbe Brothers Front End Lifter Ropeadope
46 Demons Stockholm Slump Gearhead
47 Unrelated Segments/Tidal Waves Where You Gonna Go? Collectables
48 Claudia Malibu Silver Tangerine Hangover Teardrop
49 Boys' Star Library Sugar & Water Bumblebear
50 Dukes of Hamburg Some Folks By? Gearhead

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