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Monthly Rock Report for June 2002
1 Epoxies The Epoxies Dirtnap
2 Belle and Sebastian Storytelling Matador
3 Various My Girlfriend Was a Punk! -
4 Milky Wimpshake Lovers Not Fighters Troubleman
5 Dillinger Four Situationist Comedy Fat Wreck
6 Chris Brokaw Red Cities Atavistic
7 Takers If the Blues Were Red Rubric
8 Briefs Hit After Hit Dirt Nap
9 Cato Salsa Experience A Good Tip For a Good Time Emperor Norton
10 Various Maximum R&B: Doin' the Mod Castle
11 Interpol Interpol Matador
12 Bottles & Skulls Amped the Fuck Up Sickroom
13 Penis Fly Trap Civil War II -
14 Various Executioner's Last Song Bloodshot
15 Shumai Combo With Five Delights Total Gaylord
16 Rhys Chatham A Rhys Chatham Compendium Table of the Elements
17 Parkinsons A Long Way to Nowhere Elevator
18 Elf Power Creatures Spinart
19 Consonant Consonant Fenway
20 Various Don't Shoot the Toy Piano Player: Live From WFMU WFMU
21 Weinberg Method of Non-Synthetic Electronic Rock The Weinberg Method of Non-Synthetic Electronic Rock Normal
22 Television Personalities Fashion Conscious Bus Stop
23 Spaceheads Low Pressure Merge
24 Noelle This Summer -
25 Kill-A-Watts Electrorock Rip-Off
26 GC5 Never Bet the Devil Your Head Cosa Nostra
27 Guided By Voices Universal Truths & Cycles Matador
28 Amy Rigby 18 Again Koch
29 Fat Day IV Dark Beloved Cloud
30 Tommy Keene The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down Spinart
31 Nashville Pussy Say Something Nasty Artemis
32 Dorks The Dorks Man With a Gun
33 Aberdeen Homesick and Happy to Be Here Better Looking
34 Bevis Frond What Did For the Dinosaurs Rubric
35 My Favorite The Kids Are All Wrong Double Agent
36 Arlo Stab the Unstoppable Hero Sub Pop
37 Hellride Troublemaker Scooch Pooch
38 Mary Timony Golden Dove Matador
39 Coffin Lids Coffin Lids -
40 Dead and Gone The Beautician GSL
41 Faux Jean Kiss Life on the Lips -
42 David Bowie Heathen ISO/Columbia
43 Cripples Dirty Head Dirtnap
44 Dear Nora The New Year ep Magic Marker
45 Dead Sheriff Rockapocalyptica Dionysus
46 Arco Flute Foundation Everything After the Bomb is Sci-Fi Cenotaph Audio
47 Archer Prewitt 3 Thrill Jockey
48 Spitfires Three Longshot
49 Steven R. Smith Lineaments Emperor Jones
50 Bratmobile Girls Get Busy Lookout

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