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Monthly Rock Report for January 1999
1 Green Pajamas All Clues Lead to Megan's Bed Camera Obscura
2 "Golightly, Holly" Serial Girlfriend Damaged Goods
3 Various A Place Called Home Reverse Curve
4 Kitty Craft Beat and Breaks from the Flower Patch Kindercore
5 Punk Monkees Flip Over! Cassiel
6 Restarts/Zero Tolerance State Rape/Time to Move On Rejected
7 Various "Teenage Shutdown: The World Ain't Round, It's Square" Crypt
8 Various In My Living Room Kimchee
9 Belle and Sebastian This is Just a Modern Rock Song Jeepster
10 King Brothers King Brothers Bulb
11 Various Suburban Voice ep #19 Suburban Voice
12 Bassholes When Blue Moon Turns Red Again In the Red
13 Various Estrus Sizzler Estrus
14 Bombay the Hard Way Guns Cars and Sitars Motel
15 Tall Dwarfs Fifty Flavors of Glue Flying Nun
16 One King Down God Loves Man Kills Equal Vision
17 Freeze Token Bones Dr. Strange
18 Lucksmiths A Good Kind of Nervous Drive-In
19 Stepahead There's Always Hope Initforit
20 Boredoms Super ae Birdman
21 Floorpunch Fast Times at the Jersey Shore Equal Vision
22 Various A Tribute to Spacemen 3 Rocket Girl
23 Dogon Redunjusta Newdog
24 Field Mice Where'd You Learn to Kiss That Way? Shinkansen
25 "Fahey, John" Death Chants Breakdowns & Military Waltzes Takoma
26 Gang of Four 100 Flowers Bloom Rhino
27 Don Caballero Singles Breaking Up Touch and Go
28 MOTO "Eternal Standby 7""" MOC/Phonetic
29 Long Hind Legs Feb 4th-14th 1998 Kill Rock Stars
30 Various What? Stuff Bomp!
31 Tomorrow Tomorrow See for Miles
32 Nines Last Days of AM Radio Clamarama
33 Bar Feeders Scotto El Blotto Depth Charge
34 Electric Frankenstein I'm Not Yr Nothing Victory
35 Gaze Shake the Pounce K
36 Various Runt of the Litter Vol. 4 Fan Attic
37 Hellacopters Supershitty to the Max Psychout
38 Sugar Plant Happy/Trance Mellow World Domination
39 Various Satori: A Tribute to the Bauhaus Creative Man
40 J Church Cat Food Damaged Goods
41 "Prewitt, Archer" "Southern Wall 7""" Motorcoat
42 Mr. Airplane Man Mr. Airplane Man MAM
43 Razorwire Caught in the Wire Bubba Chick/American Bull Dog
44 All Day "When We Were Good 7""" Know
45 Daltonic Chattanooga Antietam
46 El Centro Alto Finger
47 Lucksmiths "Untidy Towns 7""" Drive-in/Manitee
48 Various Teenage Shutdown: Get a Move On!!! Crypt
49 "Hooker, William" Hard Time Squealer
50 Youth Brigade Out of Print BYO

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