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Yearly Rock Report for 1996
2 Various Pipeline Kim Chee
3 Stereolab Emperor Tomato Elektra
4 Thee Headcoats Tweed We Trust Damaged Goods
5 Various Back from Grave vol 8 Crypt
6 Teengenerate Smash Hits Estrus
7 Guitar Wolf Run Wolf run Less Than TV
8 Versus Secret Swingers Caroline
9 June of 44 Tropics Meridians 1/4 Stick
10 Sebadoh Harmacy Sub Poop
11 Various Succour Flydaddy
12 Various Repopulation Program Load
13 Armitage Shanks Shanks Pony Damaged Goods
14 Make-Up Destination Love Dischord
15 Unwound Repetition Kill Rock Stars
16 "Davies, Richard" Crowd Like This Flydaddy
17 Various Pissed Officer/Gerty Farish self release
18 Showcase Showdown Appetite of Kings Elevator Music
19 Various Runt of Litter Fan Attic
20 Lynnfield Pioneers "Newport 7""" Lampshop
21 Ashley Von Hurter S/T Over the Counter
22 Sundial Acid Yantra Beggars Banquet
23 Magnetic Fields Get Lost Merge
24 Various Boston Not LA Wicked Disc
25 Oblivians Popular Favorites Crypt
26 Village of Savoonga Phillip Schatz Kollaps
27 Secret Stars S/T Shrimper
28 Scenic Acquatica World Domination
29 Tugboat Annie "Posterboy 7""" Sonic Bubblegum
30 Bikini Kill Reject All American Kill Rock Stars
31 Odes Me and My Big Mouth Merge
32 Brood Hitsville Dionysis
33 Dogmatics 1981-86 Vagrant
34 Windy and Carl Portal BaDaBing
35 Queers Don't Back Down Lookout
36 Hurl Place Called Today Third Gear
37 Various Cowabunga Rhino
38 Crownhate Ruin Until Eagle Grins Dischord
39 Godheadsilo Skyward Triumph Subpop
40 Juned Every Night For You Up
41 Clockbrains Dropped from Sun Fancy Basket Toy
42 Boyracer Made of Same wood Slumberland
43 Bats Couchmaster Flying Nun
44 Monomen 10 Cool Ones Scat
45 Olivia Tremor Control Dusk at Cubist Castle Flydaddy
46 Kneecappers Urban Kill Buckwheat Headlock
47 "Rogers, Wayne" All Good Works Twisted Village
48 Karate S/T Southern
49 Various KXLU Live KXLU
50 Embarrassment Heyday Bar/None
51 Ditch Croaker Shortwave Fine Corinthian
52 Bright S/T Ba Da Bing
53 Come Near Life Experience Matadaor
54 Magnog S/t Kranky
55 Les Thugs Strike Subpop
56 Inhalants S/T Estrus
57 Various Runt of Litter 2 Fan Attic
58 Minor Forest Consitiuent Thrill Jockey
59 Various Penis/Kermit's Fan Attic
60 Cat Power What Would Community Matador
61 Deluxx Forgiveness Towel Bolide
62 Juneau Space is Hot Spooky Tree
63 Beck Odelay DGC
64 "Smith, Patti" Gone Again Arista
65 Monoshock Walk to Fire Blackjack
66 Perfume Tree Life time Away World Domination
67 Heads Relaxing With Headhunter
68 Cocteau Twins Milk and Kisses Capitol
69 Versus Deep Red Teen Beat
70 Shift Spacesuit Equal Vision
71 Swank Swill of it All Curve of the Earth
72 Fall-Outs S/T Super-Electro
73 Railroad Jerk Third Rail Matador
74 Wretched Ones Go to York Headache
75 SixFS Paranormalized Sub Poop
76 Crescent S/T Atavistic
77 Scissor Girls We People Space Atavistic
78 Scud Mountain Boys Massachusetts Subpop
79 Brainiac Hissing Prigs Touch and Go
80 Fu Manchu In Search of Mammoth
81 Chrome Cranks Love in Exile PCP
82 Mountain Goats Nothing for Juice Ajax
83 Those Bastard Souls Twentieth Century Darla
84 Metamatics Dischord
85 Scissor Girls Staticland Load
86 Jale So Wound Sub Poop
87 Ash Castles On Ghost Coast Fleece/Other
88 Men's Recovery Project "Fat Lady Singing 7""" Kill Rocks Stars
89 Moped Wont Sound Better Tomorrow Summershine
90 Trans Am S/T Thrill Jockey
91 Crazy Alice Damn Chicken Catapult
92 Noise Addict Mett Real You Grand Royal
93 Flycatcher Pee Chunk
94 Spacemen 3 Singles Taang
95 Ashley Von Hurter and the Haters "7"" EP" Baby Doll
96 Promise Ring 30 Everywhere Jade Tree
97 Spent Seat Beneath Merge
98 "One,4,5's" Rock Invasion Estrus
99 "Richman, Jonathan" Surrender to Vapor
100 Butter 08 Butter Grand Royal
101 Sportsguitar Fade Cliche Derivative

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