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Sounds from WMBR

Sounds may be in one of the following formats:
  • .AU - Sun mu-Law format (8-bits/8 KHz).
  • .MP2 - ISO/MPEG Layer-2 format (16-bits/44.1 KHz).
  • .RA - Real Audio.

ID's and Promo's

.AU - Dick Dale / Lost and Found Station ID (51K, 7sec)
.AU - More Black Radio Station ID (92K, 12sec)
.AU - Stereolab (short) Station ID (93K, 12sec)
.AU - Stereolab (long) Station ID (201K, 26sec)
.AU - Superchunk Station ID (48K, 6sec)
.AU - Uncle Tupelo Station ID (412K, 53sec)
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