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Welcome to WMBR  
WMBR is the MIT campus radio station. We broadcast on 88.1 FM between 20 and 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. We transmit at 720 watts, effective radiated power from the top of the Eastgate Building in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our programming includes a wide range of music shows, public affairs programs and eclectic audio entertainment.

Upcoming Special Events:  
Monday, Apr 28
2:00p- 4:00p
John Tchicai & Willis 'Gator' Jackson Featured on WMBR's Research & Development Program
Tuesday, Apr 29
Soccer Mom & Aisha Burns Perform Live on WMBR's Pipeline Program
Thursday, May 1
Ampersand presents The Outnumbered and Carl Testa
Tuesday, May 6
Sweet John Bloom Performs Live on WMBR's Pipeline Program
Tuesday, May 13
2:00p- 4:00p
Composer Eric Chasalow Interviewed Live on WMBR's New Edge Program
Tuesday, May 13
Hallelujah the Hills Performs Live on WMBR's Pipeline Program

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Now On the Air
Nonstop Ecstatic Screaming

with Thao
Two hours of sound designed to split your skull open, break your brain, and pop your funk. Bloopity bits and bobs, plinkety plonk, drone, skronk, assorted noise, a bumping beat here and there, etc.

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