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WMBR is the MIT campus radio station. We broadcast on 88.1 FM between 20 and 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. We transmit at 720 watts, effective radiated power from the top of the Eastgate Building in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our programming includes a wide range of music shows, public affairs programs and eclectic audio entertainment.

Upcoming Special Events:  
Friday, Oct 3
Pipeline! Show #8: Fuzzy, Blood Oranges, Robin Lane and the Chartbusters, Tacklebox, Lazy Susan, Buttercup, Weeping in Fits and Starts
Saturday, Oct 4
Pipeline! Show #9: Orangutang, Bulkhead, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Kudgel, Quintaine Americana, Crazy Alice
Sunday, Oct 5
Pipeline! Show #10: Big City Rockers with Fred Pineau of The Atlantics (performing all your fave Atlantics tunes!) along with Heretix, Willie Loco Alexander, Tree, Shake The Faith, Reddy Teddy, High Risk Group & Kristina and Carol of Quivvver
Tuesday, Oct 7
Ryan Lee Crosby Plays Live on WMBR's Pipeline
Friday, Oct 10
Pipeline! Show #11: Green Magnet School, Orbit, The Red Telephone, Hullabaloo, Permafrost (Miles Dethmuffen), Unnatural Axe, and Luca Brasi
Saturday, Oct 11
Pipeline! Show #12: The Cavedogs, Gigolo Aunts, Flying Nuns, The Rising Storm, Drumming on Glass, The Natives, The Dambuilders' Dave Derby & friends

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Now On the Air
Lost and Found

with Mark Francis, Eli Polonsky, Brother Wayne, Christopher Vyce, Alex McNeil, Bob Dubrow, Lawrence Azrin
Rock, pop, and soul from the 60s and early 70s, but not the same old songs you hear every day on commercial radio.
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