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Sunday Programs:
6-8am Compas sur FM
Hosted by: Emmanuel Rene
The show's goal is to present Compas Music to WMBR's audience.
Listen to past shows:  Sun Feb 26 06:00 am
Sun Feb 19 06:00 am
8-10am Haiti Focus
Hosted by: Jacques-Antoine Jean
Dedicated to the Haitian community, featuring community information, interviews, and reports on issues related to women, immigration law, health care, education, politics, development, and the current situation in Haiti and the diaspora. Lastly, a little
Listen to past shows:  Sun Feb 26 08:00 am
Sun Feb 19 08:00 am
10-11am Radio with a View
Hosted by: Marc Stern
Economic democracy, human rights, and other idealistic visions of the world. Truth and reconciliation and music to get your mind and body in sync.
Listen to past shows:  Sun Feb 26 10:00 am
Sun Feb 19 10:00 am
11am-Noon Radio Red
Hosted by: Juan Ortiz and Husayn Karimi
A show focused on leftist analysis of local and global political and social issues
Listen to past shows:  Sun Feb 26 11:00 am
Sun Feb 19 11:00 am
Noon-1pm Insert Label Here
Hosted by: Joana
[insert label here]: the best in "PBR&B", "wonky funk", "electro soul", or otherwise contemporary R&B, funk, and electronica. New tracks every week, with the occasional classics mixed in.
Listen to past shows:  Sun Feb 26 12:00 pm
Alternates Weekly
Grey Matters
Hosted by: Emma Costa
Inspired by the podcast 'Strangers' hosted by Lea Thau, Grey Matters' host Emma Costa hopes to encourage conversation about tough topics and social issues by sharing stories from members from the MIT community. Remember: nothing is black and white.
Upcoming shows: Mar 5, Mar 19
Alternates Weekly
Chika and the Trash
Hosted by: Chika Eke and Daniel Duane
Strap in kids, it's Chika and the Trash! Conversations about how to make friends, Y2K preparations, and nightlights!
Upcoming shows: Mar 12, Mar 26
2-4pm Jam Session
Hosted by: Pam Spencer
Awesome reggae program with soca, calypso, and gospel music segments, plus interviews on many varied topics including: passport, citizenship, lobbying, medicine, education, and entertainment.
Listen to past shows:  Sun Feb 26 02:00 pm
Sun Feb 19 02:00 pm
4-6pm Africa Kabisa
Hosted by: Muna Kangsen & Julia Mongo
Africa Absolutely! Since 1992, Boston's African music radio show. Classic and contemporary African and Afro-Caribbean music. Soukous, rumba, zouk, kompa, couper decaler, makossa, highlife, semba, and more. Plus interviews with guests on a variety of Afric
Listen to past shows:  Sun Feb 26 04:00 pm
Sun Feb 19 04:00 pm
6-8pm R&B Jukebox
Hosted by: Captain Al
We play R&B, blues, soul, and funk of the ’60s, ’70s, and early ’80s. Weekly features include: anniversary tunes, the James Brown Jam of the Week, Temptations Jam of the Week, and the Stuck-in-My-Head Song of the Week. You’ll also hear me babble endlessly
Listen to past shows:  Sun Feb 26 06:00 pm
Sun Feb 19 06:00 pm
8-10pm Subject to Change
Hosted by: Patrick N. Bryant
Two hours of disco, dub and other deviant sounds, along an arbitrarily chosen theme. Plus Somerville Speakout,
Listen to past shows:  Sun Feb 26 08:00 pm
Sun Feb 19 08:00 pm
10pm-Midnight For Your Pleasure
Hosted by: Ré Antoine
"FYP", For Your Pleasure's 32nd year, delivering musical love, to you, your "special" one and those important, in your life and keeps you heated with the BEST R&B Love Songs and Jazz, placing you into a great sensual, sexual mind set. Ease back, relax, en
Listen to past shows:  Sun Feb 26 10:00 pm
Sun Feb 19 10:00 pm
Midnight-1am Jam Jam Yams
Hosted by: wendy
hip hop & things
Alternates Weekly
401 Unauthorized
Hosted by: Ben Tang aka dyce.
Eclectic, energetic blends of house, techno, trance, and everything in between. From underground to mainstream, classics to white labels, dyce. and friends keep you going.
Upcoming shows: Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 20
Alternates Weekly
Sounds That Will Make Your Mother Say, 'Okay I Approve'
Hosted by: Jessica Adams
We've got sound and noise with little to no interruption from music.
Upcoming shows: Mar 13, Mar 27
2-3am Story Time with Ru and Trevor
Hosted by: Ru and Trevor
Classic myths retold through song. Conceptual DJ mixes with our favorite hip-hop, soul, and electronic music.
Listen to past shows:  Mon Feb 27 12:00 am
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