The following businesses have donated their important services to WMBR:

Mirror Image, 190 Exchange Street, Pawtucket, RI. Longtime suppliers and printers of WMBR t-shirts and other premiums for fundraising.

Love & Victory, Brooklyn, NY. Manufacturers of, and design assistance for, the WMBR 45 Adaptor.

The following artists donated their talents and designs for use on our premiums and website:

Ian Adams (WMBR 45 Adaptor)

Darren Burnhill (Website VU meter image)
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0

Frank Casazza (WMBR beach towel)

Valentina Chamorro (WMBR sticker)

Hannah Gazdus (WMBR trucker hat)

Angelynn Grant (fundraising website design)

James Olstein (King Ghidorah t-shirt)

Mark Robinson (WMBR t-shirt)

Samuel Swap (Aural Fixation t-shirt)