The window to order premiums from this past fundraiser has closed, but we are always happy to take your money from you! You can either send a check or money order to the address elsewhere on this page, or use the form below to donate with your credit/debit card.

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Thank you for your donations!

If you pledged to WMBR with credit card and/or via PayPal, then you are all set! We thank you for your support. If you requested one of our fine premiums, then we hope to get it mailed to you by mid-December.

If you pledged by check or money order, then please send your donation to the following address (if you haven't done so already):

WMBR Fundraising 2023
142 Memorial Dr, Room 050-030
Cambridge, MA 02142

Please be sure that the name on your check matches the name that you gave when you made your pledge. If not, please include a note, so we know to whom we should send your requested premium.

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